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Become a publisher TOP PAYOUTS personal loan leads &
installment loan leads


We own and operate our CPA offers. Get paid what the networks get paid. With our financial background we are able to form strong relationships with publishers and lead buyers that allow us to offer the highest payouts possible.
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Round Sky's focus is on Personal loan and Installment loan leads; with focus comes the expertise of been there, done that, got the t-shirt. With that expertise you can get websites that have been extensively A/B tested; only the winning designs make it to our network and available for our publishers to promote. With the experience comes good judgment, good judgment that came from bad experience. To that end we have multiple fraud detection suites in place; so no one bad publisher will ruin an offer and drive down the CPA for all the other publishers.
On to the good stuff:

Robust Tracking

  • Fast, dual-level sub-id tracking and reporting.
  • Reliable, accurate numbers all in one clean interface.
  • No shaving, no delayed reporting, no hassles.


  • Need a pixel placed? No problem!
  • Need custom banners? No problem!
  • Need landing page adjustments? No problem!

Top CPA Payment
for the Same Verticals

  • We own and operate all of our websites on the network.
  • No brokers taking commission from the top. Get the payouts that networks get.
  • On-time fast ACH payment schedules.
ACH Wire weekly & monthlypayments
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Owned and
Operated Websites

  • Pre-pop instructions available for all/most websites.
  • Tips from our internal media team for top converting states, time of day targeting, etc.
  • In-house experience with: ppc, seo, social, ppv and email traffic.
  • We are the advertiser, no back and forth with any middleman!
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